Obama Goes to Hawaii Just Before Judge Rules Against Trump Ban

Obama Goes to Hawaii Just Before Judge Rules Against Trump Ban

It would be great to think that the astonishing election of Donald Trump to the presidency marked the beginning of Americans waking up to how badly they have been duped by power-brokers and leftists such as Mr. Obama, the Clintons, and their allies in Congress and the mainstream press. If enough Americans will take notice and pay attention to what is actually happening rather than feeding at the major media outlets, there is some hope that President Trump's election really will be the beginning of taking America back and making it great again.

The evidence of the duplicity of the left is all around for those willing to take the effort to look. Just marking CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC off your channel list is a great start. Do people still subscribe to newspapers anymore? If so, cancel those. Then spend some time with what is called, sometimes despairingly by the left, the alternative press. You will have to do some work, but you'll find fine journalists who are not simply mouthpieces for leftist politicians. You will also learn of stories the mainstream media whores just will not touch.

And this is not entirely a partisan issue. There are some cranks in the Republican Party such as Senator McCain who need to be called out as much as Charles Schumer.

One example of a story you're probably not getting if you rely on the major media is covered on page two.

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