Obama Flaunts Erection to Female Reporters

Obama Flaunts Erection to Female Reporters

If you've ever wondered why President Obama has such a hard time getting things done, fret not, the mystery has been solved. If you watch the video on the next page, you might notice something that sticks out, and by sticks out I mean the problem is so erect that it's difficult not to notice, especially with all of the attention everybody else is paying to it and the lack of attention Obama is. Sometimes, while flying in airplanes things pop up, that you have to take care of. Being president is a hard job and the hours are often long and pressing. Sometimes you just have to flex a bit and take care of business.

Okay, so the paragraph above will make more sense when you see the video of President Obama sporting a hard-on to female reporters while flying on a plane back in 2008. It would seem that Michelle is the first lady, but she's not theĀ firstĀ lady he'd choose to get rid of his problems.

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