Obama Emerges from The Shadows to Campaign for Dems

Obama Emerges from The Shadows to Campaign for Dems

Former President Obama just can’t let go of the spotlight. He has announced that he will get back out on the campaign trail and once again in front of crowds of fawning hysterical liberals, the closest thing he has ever felt to a father’s love and approval.

And he needs all the emotional support he can take these days. His liberal surrogate father, Daddy Soros isn’t too pleased with his little Obummer these days.

Soros instructed his political meddlers masked as the Open Foundation Societies to replace Obama with Mrs. Clinton as the U.S. Corrupter-in-Chief. Obama’s role in this was crucial. His administration was to prevent the public from knowing the FBI was conducting a criminal investigation into Mrs. Clinton. Most men like to rise up to the occasion when a hard job is at hand. But Obama just couldn’t get it up when a liberal feminist needed him the most. Yes, he bent over backward trying to open up the political establishment to his daddy’s wishes, but the truth erupted all over instead of being neatly contained into the dark murky wetlands of the swamp as intended.

The election of President Trump has jolted the progressive left into a state of full-blown hysteria. Just the sight of him is enough to awaken all their most secret hidden fears about both themselves and their agenda. That is why they’re being forced to send out the only man with a proven track record of not only being able to take but gladly welcomes the incessant political pounding of pushing the progressive left’s agenda in a country filled with freedom loving patriotic citizens with delight.

Obama is slated to campaign for Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, an unprecedented course of action for a former president. As most have more important things to do than helping a Lt. Gov campaign. But, not Obama. He lives to serve Daddy Soros’s every beck, call, and whim. And his decision to go out on the front-lines in Virginia shows the Democrats are virtually helpless without the anything goes, I’ll take one for the team, spirit, and leadership of Obama.

But what is going on below the surface in Virginia? Why are the Democrats so afraid of their candidate losing when he currently has an 8 point lead over his opponent, Republican Ed Gillespie? More on the next page.

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