Obama Denies that the Orlando Terrorist Attack was a Work of Jihad

Barack Obama is continuing to refuse the facts of the Orlando terrorist attack. Despite massive amounts of evidence, he continues to claim that there was no external motivation for the attacks.

Do you remember the June 12 jihad attack by a Muslim that killed 49 Americans in the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida? It was a big thing in the media at the time, complete with reports about a cellphone confession by the jihadi, and evidence that his immigrant Muslim family knew about the planned jihad attack.
Well, you imagined it, see, because the extensively documented jihad attack didn’t happen, President Barack Obama told the world on Sunday.

It was just “a deranged man killing scores of people,” Obama insisted to CBS. No jihad there, he says.

But it was also terrorism deliberately designed to terrify, although it was done by a deranged man, he insisted, without explaining how a deranged man can plan a deliberate terror attack.

“We’ve had a terrorist attack in Orlando, although it does not appear externally motivated, but a deranged man killing scores of people,” he told CBS’s Sunday show, Face The Nation.

The man was deranged, but that doesn't exclude him from the possibility of radicalization. He made his allegiances to terrorist organizations clear — and they called for the very kind of attacks the man committed.

Source: Breitbart



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