Obama Demands “Basic Truthiness Test” for Media

Lamenting the “wild-wild-west” status of modern media, Obama sneered that it gave what he dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” a chance to be heard and called for it to be altered as he saw fit. It's shocking that a sitting president would demand that the media change how it covers him, but what could we expect from someone who said that the way Fox News covers poverty needed to be changed because he didn't like it:

“'We are going to have to rebuild within this wild-wild-west-of-information flow some sort of curating function that people agree to,' Obama said at an innovation conference in Pittsburgh.

‘There has to be, I think, some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness tests and those that we have to discard, because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening in the world,' Obama added.

His remarks came amid an election campaign that has seen Republican candidate Donald Trump repeat ideas and take on key staff from right-wing media outlets.”

Source: Breitbart



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