Obama Decrees Freedom – For Convicts

Obama Decrees Freedom – For Convicts

Although President Obama seems to try at every turn to thwart the Constitution and crush the freedoms it enshrines for Americans, he is willing to dictate liberty for some the courts have decided don’t deserve it!

U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Cole recently explained that Obama, who commuted the sentences of eight convicts late last year, will soon demand cell doors be opened for even more offenders currently serving time.

Cole called certain sentencing guidelines “out of date,” noting Obama “has the ability to take executive action” in remedying the situation as he sees fit.

obama dictatorIgnoring the decisions of courts across the nation, he said the Justice Department will be on the lookout for convicts it feels should be released and will “recommend them to the President for clemency consideration.”

This type of behavior typifies Obama’s liberal idealism. He disregards the rule of law and ignores laws that complicate life for him and for his cronies, so when he feels the need to play the benevolent dictator, it’s to be expected that he favors those who have been convicted of crimes. After all, each use of ‘his pen’ gives him another chance to overrule the judicial branch. It’s good to be king!

Source: Western Center for Journalism



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