Obama Declares Victory Over Republican Efforts

Obama Declares Victory Over Republican Efforts

The American SAFE Act, which would have provided additional screening of the 10,000 incoming “refugees,” will not be able to overcome the threat of Presidential veto. Barack Obama's agenda to let in the 10,000 “refugees” will proceed as loosely as planned since House Republicans will not be able to reach the minimum votes required to override an executive veto. Additionally, Speaker for the House Paul Ryan said he would not seek to defund the program through a larger government funding bill. To put it shortly, the refugees are coming without a secure vetting process in place to ensure the security of Americans.

Obama's agenda to admit more “refugees” will continue as per his plan, despite the large outcry for added security measures and in spite of the recent attacks in Paris which left over 100 victims dead. No special effort is being made on the part of the Obama administration to route out any ISIS agents or extremists.

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