Obama Considering Firing FBI Director Comey

The evidence of criminal acts by Bill and Hillary Clinton and their close associates has piled so high, that to deny that they are unindicted felons just looks ridiculous.  Or worse, such denial is itself evidence of a massive cover-up, including obstruction of justice if those in power act to bury the evidence.

Could it be that they realize that they are already in so deep that they figure what are a few more felonies if there's a chance of getting off the hook and installing Hillary in the White House?  Could it be that President Obama is also in so deep that he's prepared to do whatever is necessary to obstruct investigations and prosecutions?

In a last-minute effort to save Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House, Barack Obama’s chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has urged the president to fire FBI Director James Comey, according to a source close to Jarrett.

Obama and Jarrett are furious with Comey for reopening the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s emails just 11 days before the presidential election. They blame Comey for Clinton’s alarming slide in the polls.

Apparently Mr. Obama is considering such action, but is having second thoughts after considering the likely public reaction.

“Valerie argued that Comey was interfering deliberately in the election process and had to be stopped,” the source said. “The president said he was worried about the consequences of taking such an action — the tsunami of outrage that would come his way, and possibly become a major footnote, or worse, in the history of his presidency.

Wow, he's considering his own legacy over the need to get Hillary off the hook for several hundred criminal acts.  He'd better be careful lest Hillary have to explain to him his misplaced priorities.

Obama has said he doesn’t want to meddle in the FBI’s process. But in an interview Wednesday with CNN’s NowThis News, he said it was important to follow a practice of not allowing intimations or suggestions to pervade the public’s view of the case.

Let's correct that.  He does not want to be caught meddling in the FBI's process.  Apparently this isn't the first time Comey has upset Obama.

It’s no secret that Obama harbors contempt for the FBI director. As quoted in “Guilty as Sin,” Obama fumes to Jarrett that appointing Comey was his “worst mistake as president.”

Come on.  That's not his worst mistake by far.  No doubt our readers could list many mistakes that are far more serious.

Anyway, at least this story ends on a humorous note.

In what looked like a concerted effort to call for Comey’s head, Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader in the House of Representatives, suggested that Comey might be removed from his post, saying in an interview with CNN, “Maybe he’s not in the right job.”

Nancy Pelosi opining that someone might not be in the right job is quite the exercise in irony.  Pick up a mirror, Mrs. Pelosi.

Source:  New York Post



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