Obama Calls For More Muslims on TV Who Don’t Play Terrorists

Obama Calls For More Muslims on TV Who Don’t Play Terrorists

During his visit to the Islamic Society of Baltimore on Wednesday morning, President Obama decided to weigh in on the issue of diversity in Hollywood by calling for more American television shows to feature Muslim characters, and not as terrorists. He stated that American television shows need to include “better representations of the Muslim community.” He's no doubt referring to the way that American television shows and movies feature Muslims driving acts of terrorism.

Like everything else the media portrays, what they show on television is a product of the times. Muslims are featured as terrorists because, well, when's the last time a white person blew up a building or committed an atrocious act in the name of Allah. If anything, this should prove a point. American television shows and films like Platoon, Rambo, or anything in the Die Hard franchise featured Russians. The media portrays enemies as people feared by Americans, which is strange seeing how most Hollywood executives are liberal.

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