Obama Bypasses Congress, Secretly Creates 1000 New Rules and Regulations

Scathing report cites Obama administration rule brealing

The Obama administration ignored Congress and secretly implemented more than 1,000 new rules and regulations last year. In 2014, Howard Shelanski, Administrator for the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) apologized for the administration, which regularly and wantonly was initiating new regulations without Congressional input as required by the Congressional Review Act. The apology was only issued after a very critical report was published in The Washington Post, a newspaper usually quite favorable to all things Obama and Democrat party.

Shelanski testified before Congress at that time and stated, “I absolutely agree that agencies should uphold their obligations to report these rules.” However, it seems that the administration only apologized the take the heat off, but their actions of pushing through rules and policies without outside input have continued unabated. The American Action Forum, which keeps watch on government regulatory schemes, says that Obama officials have completely ignored their promise to mend their ways, and in fact, the problem has gotten worse.

The American Action Forum reports that it discovered “955 rules weren’t sent to GAO in 2014 and roughly 1,069 weren’t reported in 2015.”

That means last year, at least one third of the 3,408 new government rules to hit the books were issued with little public knowledge and no congressional input.

Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum, said of the organization’s discovery:

Despite assurances from Administrator Shelanski, agencies still do not follow basic legal reporting requirements. Congress has a constitutional responsibility to conduct oversight of the executive, and without compliance from the administration, this oversight grows more difficult. Beyond the hundreds of minor rules that weren’t reported correctly, it is troubling the White House and GAO can’t even agree on major regulations.

The public and American businesses are being swindled by a lawless and out-of-control administration that fails to report new and costly regulations that legislators don't even have a chance to review or comment on, and the public has no chance to even see what is being imposed upon them through imperial edict. The Kenyan King obviously thinks he can do whatever he wants to whomever he wants, and the Democrat Party seems to concur with and facilitate his illegal and unethical activities each and every day.

Source: personalliberty.com



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