Obama Budget Cuts Forces Spike in Death Among Marines

Gen. Robert Neller has come clean about the why the number of air accidents — some resulting in Marines’ death — have increased so much in the last three year, and according to the general, it’s because Obama’s strict military budget just doesn’t allow them the resources to get proper experience in the skies.

“We track this very closely and the simple fact is we don’t have enough airplanes to meet training requirements for the entire force,” Neller told lawmakers at a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee on the fiscal 2017 budget request.

He stressed that Marines who deploy are “trained and ready,” but that non-deployed forces’ training may not be good enough.

Neller was referring to Class A aviation mishaps, defined as one that damages $1 million or more in property, destroys a military aircraft or kills or permanently disables a person, according to the Marine Corps. Thornberry said that in 2015, the service suffered 2.57 Class A mishaps per 100,000 flying hours. By 2016, that number had increased to 3.96 per 100,000 hours.

Obama has long showed that military men and women aren’t high on his list of people to pander to, and while these accusations are serious, is unlikely they’ll have any effect on out optics-driven President. The military simply isn’t one of his passion projects, so he’s willing to ignore it in the face of deaths he very well could have prevented.

Source: Washington Examiner



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