Obama Asks Supreme Court Not To Take Case On NSA Cyber-snooping

Obama Asks Supreme Court Not To Take Case On NSA Cyber-snooping

The courts will become more ‘obsolete’ as the ‘threat of terrorism’ increases.

The Obama administration has already enacted the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), which bypasses the courts by authorizing the federal government to grab anyone they feel as a threat and lock them away with no trial for an indefinite amount of time. An absolute violation of Posse Comitatus Act.

Now the Obama administration wants your right to privacy and your ability to defend it in court to disappear all in the name of ‘fighting terrorism’.

No need for courts when the Fed is around, the Fed can be the court too!

AFP – President Barack Obama’s administration is urging the Supreme Court not to take up the first case it has received on controversial National Security Agency cybersnooping.


US government attorneys argue that the Supreme Court does not have the jurisdiction to take the case, filed in July by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). EPIC believes the NSA overstepped its authority by carrying out broad communications monitoring and surveillance worldwide, and demanded the program be stopped.

A US Supreme Court decision to take the case would be “a drastic and extraordinary remedy that is reserved for really extraordinary causes,” argued Donald Verrilli, an administration lawyer, in a statement released late Tuesday.

The US administration also believes the EIPC suit cannot move forward because it argues the court lacks authority under the 2001 Patriot Act to weigh in on the legality of NSA activities. “This court lacks jurisdiction to issue a writ of certiorari to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court,” the secret intelligence affairs court, Verrilli added.

Source: france24.com


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