Obama: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric ‘Has No Place In Our Country’

Obama: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric ‘Has No Place In Our Country’

President Barack Obama has sure managed to nail down his ability to both praise Islam and damn Christianity in the same sentence recently, and this week he's managed to do so in a particularly infuriating fashion.

At his most ridiculous in a long-winded speech designed to sing the praises of Muslim Americans, President Barack Obama claimed “rhetoric against Muslim Americans… has no place in our country.”

But apparently rhetoric against White or Christian Americans — which composed almost the entirety of his speech — is absolutely fine.

An example: Obama hand-picked the shooting in Charleston in which a White American shot a congregation of African American church-goers as a example of terrorism, and all but ignored the plentiful examples terror spread by Islamic extremists.

He chastises Christians as bitter clingers, but will not tolerate the same to be said of Muslim Americans.

Obama recently joked about his supposed status as a Muslim pretending to be Christian, and seems to ignore — or not understand — the nature of the idea.

When the President of the United States says that rhetoric against Muslims has no place in America, while himself spewing rhetoric against Christians, people will no doubt wonder where his allegiances lie.

It is a problem of Obama's creation. If he wants to prove that he is a Christian to those who deny it, he has got to begin to start speaking like one.

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