Obama: Americans Who Don’t Support Hillary Are “Sexist”

Obama: Americans Who Don’t Support Hillary Are “Sexist”

We really shouldn't be surprised, but the Democrats are so desperate to ensure that Hillary Clinton wins the election that they've cravenly resorted to deploying the gender card in order to browbeat Americans into supporting her.

Their panic is all the more evidenced by the fact that it was President Obama who invoked that tired old canard. Speaking before many of his liberal comrades at a fundraiser for the former Secretary of State in New York, the president suggested that opposition to her candidacy was motivated not by disagreement with her far-left policies, but by what he perceives as retrograde sexism permeating American society.

By claiming that Americans can't bear to “see powerful women”, Obama singlehandedly dismissed valid concerns about Clinton's disastrous record at the State Department to say nothing of her own personal corruption. But hey, at least he's not being “sexist”, right?

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