Obama: “We’re the only advanced democracy in the world that makes it harder for people to vote”

Video Regarding Voting Suppression a Complete Fabrication

Democrats have worked long and hard to make sure they can manipulate the vote. They have insisted on motor voter registrations, super-early voting by mail sometimes weeks before election day, and they have done everything possible to prevent identity checks on voters to ensure they are who they say they are. Many nations require that voters come to the polls, and they must dip their finger in indelible ink to make sure they vote once. Many other mechanisms are used to guarantee that the vote is true and honest, though it is true that the vote in many nations is corrupt and manipulated by the ruling powers. But there should be a united and insistent effort by both parties to ensure the vote is honest and valid.

One simple way is to require picture identification that can be checked against the person who is voting. Picture ID is almost universal in the United States and is required for everything from picking up mail to buying a pair of pants with a credit card. The Democrat party has always resisted that simple requirement and has claimed that requiring a picture ID is tantamount to voter suppression. That is total nonsense, and it demonstrates the depths that Democrats will go to steal an election and conceal who is actually voting.

It is, in fact, far too easy to vote.

Voting should require effort and commitment, and identification of the voter should be clear, unambiguous, and transparent. Which is why the statements made by Barack Obama in this video are so preposterous as to be laughable, as shown in the video. His statements should be published in the humor section of the newspaper, but are taken as fact by the complicit media. Partisanship thrives, but so-called reporters should be completely embarrassed by the fallacious statements spun by our commander in chief.

“We’re the only advanced democracy in the world that makes it harder for people to vote,” Obama said.

There was some scattered laughing in the crowd, irking Obama, although the left-leaning crowd may have been chuckling sardonically in agreement with Obama’s dramatic claim. He then went on to claim that the U.S. makes it “as hard as possible for our citizens to vote.”

“You’re laughing, but it’s sad,” he said. “We take enormous pride in the fact that we are the world’s oldest, continuous democracy, and yet systematically put up barriers and make it as hard as possible for our citizens to vote, and it is much easier to order pizza or a trip than it is for you to exercise the single most important task in a democracy, and that is for you to select who’s going to represent you in government.”

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