Obama administration: Most Transparent Ever?

Obama administration: Most Transparent Ever?

The Center to Protect Journalists (CPJ) does not think so! The group sent a 29-page report to the White House detailing the Obama Administration's disregard for a free press and in some cases the government's aggressive  and unethical tactics to crush dissenting opinions in the press.

The CPJ, a non-profit founded over 30 years ago to promote “press freedom worldwide and defends the right of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal,” published a special report on Thursday penned by longtime Washington Post executive editor Leonard Downie Jr. in which he dismantles United States President Barack Obama’s treatment of journalists with assistance from the country’s foremost national security reporters.

Despite campaigning heavily on the promise of increased government transparency and the most open administration yet, Pres. Obama’s four-and-a-half-years in the White House so far have included a number of instances cited by Downie in which reporters were investigated, whistleblowers reprimanded and administrative actions allowed for the chilling of journalism, both domestically and on a global level.

Pres. Obama “came into office pledging open government, but he has fallen short of his promise,” Downie prefaces his report.

“Journalists and transparency advocates say the White House curbs routine disclosure of information and deploys its own media to evade scrutiny by the press,” he continues, adding, “Aggressive prosecution of leakers of classified information and broad electronic surveillance programs deter government sources from speaking to journalists.”

Source: RT

You can read the report at this link Please share this information with like-minded people & help get the word out about these despicable practices!

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