Obama Administration Declares War On Salt

Obama Administration Declares War On Salt

The Obama administration is getting ready to crack down on one of the most pressing problems our nation faces today: salt.

Yes, you read that right. Salt. In a world where Islamic extremists have established an intra-state caliphate and America's European allies reel in response to waves of migrant hordes, the president has decided that the most effective use of his time and power is lowering the amount ingested by Americans of a certain substance.

Under a new policy introduced by the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday, the federal government will seek to reduce the amount of sodium in 150 categories of processed foods. While this is good news for the health hysterics on the left, it's bad news for companies that use the substance to enhance the taste of their products as well as Americans who happily consume them. The targets are said to be optional, but the massive pressure stemming from the FDA for the food industry to”voluntarily” adopt them will likely cancel out this display of “benevolence.”

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