Obama Administration Approved of Flynn’s Calls to Russia

So, by now, you've already heard that the Mueller investigation verdict on whether or not Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal an election is in and you've undoubtedly already been treated to the joyous “I told you so's” of the Fake News Industrial Complex that he is, in fact, guilty.

Or is he?

Well, if you're listening to ABC News, you may be a bit confused on exactly what the guilty plea of former National Security Advisor General Michael T. Flynn means.  If you are befuddled, don't fret.  ABC News is even more befuddled.

From one day to the next, ABC had gone from jubilant news of Trump's guilt of collusion with Russia to his total exoneration through a series of legal and quite mundane procedures that presidents-elect apparently engage in during transition!

Unraveling this mystery of what Flynn's guilty plea really means requires a bit more explanation.  Rest assured, on the next page, you will better understand why Flynn's admission of lying to the FBI means nothing more than the obvious fact that Robert Mueller is still grabbing at smoke!  Turn to the next page to hear the real story!

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