Obama Admin Steps on Local Zoning Laws For Islamic School

From the reports:

The United States Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Pittsfield Charter Township in Michigan on Monday, Oct. 26. The suit was filed in the United States District Court in the Southern Division of the Eastern District of Michigan by the government’s Civil Rights Division.

It alleges that the planning commission–and, ultimately, the Pittsfield Board of Trustees–was unlawful when it denied a rezoning application for the construction of a Muslim school because the decision was discriminating against the Islamic faith.

The case dates back to 2010, when MCA sought to buy land to build a school in the township. The current school, MIA, operated out of a facility shared with the MCA community center and mosque in Ann Arbor. MIA officials said growth of the Muslim community created a shortage of space beginning in 2008.

After plans to expand were deemed unsuitable to meet the school’s growing needs, MIA began looking elsewhere and found 26.7 acres of undeveloped land near a subdivision in Pittsfield. It was zoned residential for homes and condominiums and did not have a designated school zoning. An official bought the property at a foreclosure auction for $250,000, and then sold it for $1 to a group known as North American Investment Properties, L.L.C. That group sold the land to the Hidaya Muslim Community Association.

Plans were changed several times with many modifications addressed. One change involved a proposed future community center and prayer hall. MIA had it in a March 2011 proposal, but eliminated both in the May 2011 plan, reportedly because of city officials’ concerns.

These buildings and Mosque's have been proposed all over the country, in the past few years.  It is suspicious.  Small communities with a small Muslim population buy out large acres of land.  The proposed buildings are so large, it would take a huge number of Muslims migrating to the area to make any sense of the size of these buildings.  The land areas are vast, with the look of compounds.

Citizens cite traffic concerns, knowing explaining their concerns of their community of a large influx of Muslims would be met with cries of racism.  A similar situation happened in Temecula, Calif. in 2011.  Temecula also was strategically located a hour away from the Mexican border.

For the DOJ to step in is absolutely over stepping its jurisdiction.  This matter was handled appropriately at the city level.  Be warned: what is happening in Michigan and California are examples of  CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated group.  CAIR is a coveted friend of the Obama regime, and is the entity that is working behind the scenes to promote cases such as this one in Michigan.

Source: Western Journalism



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