Obama Admin Set to Federalize 53 Local Police Departments Across US

Obama Admin Set to Federalize 53 Local Police Departments Across US

As announced last Friday, fifty-three police departments across the nation have signed onto a plan by the Obama administration to become federalized under the guise of “improving the relationship between citizens and police through uses of data that increase transparency, build community trust, and strengthen accountability.”

Local law enforcement represents “boots on the ground” in the community, and the administration has launched a number of initiatives that seemed designed to federalize law enforcement to move the power and control from local leadership towards Washington D.C. In a Marxist takeover, it is necessary to centralize power, of course.

That, along with the extensive arming of various federal agencies with weapons of war, from EPA to Department of Education officers, is troubling, to say the least.

Washington isĀ building a police state, with armed federal officers, agencies and organizations permeating society and reporting back to the White House under the pretenseĀ of helping communities and citizens.

A new initiative has been launched, called the Police Data Initiative, which stems from the 2014 Task Force on 21st Century Policing. It will require local police to provide data and information to Washington, covering more than 41 million people.

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