Obama Admin Seeks to Force Companies to Turn Over Employee Data for Equal Pay Measure

Obama Admin Seeks to Force Companies to Turn Over Employee Data for Equal Pay Measure

The whiner-in-chief is once again promoting divisive rules and administrative punishments on businesses who, he claims, are compensating women unfairly for their work. The president, who has never run a business or made a payroll in his life, apparently has discovered that there are countless evil employers intent on holding women down and handing out extra cash to male workers simply because they are male. For the smartest man in America, Obama is simply not attuned to human nature or logic.

The claim, long discredited, says that women make only 79 cents for each dollar that a man makes, and ascribes the difference to discrimination. Of course Obama seems to see discrimination everywhere he looks, so this is not a surprise. But honest research shows that the differences are easily explained by a number of aspects that exist between male and female employment.

Males tend to accept and work more dangerous jobs such as mine workers and oil field workers, jobs which pay more than less dangerous jobs.

Men devote more hours to work, while many women take on the burden of child rearing, which prevents the 80 hour weeks some men are willing to accept.

Men build tenure over years, while women sometimes take time out to rear families before returning to the work place.

Jobs requiring travel, which can be well compensated, are not attractive to many women because of the time away from home that is required.

Women often make career choices in fields that are not as well compensated such as teachers aid or retail clerk.

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