Obama Admin Proposes $6.3T in Benefits to Illegal Aliens

Obama Admin Proposes $6.3T in Benefits to Illegal Aliens

Both candidates in the Democrat/socialist primary in 2016 have said that they support President Obama's policies that appropriate United States citizen taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants.  They do, however, fault the president for one thing when it comes to illegal immigrants — they believe he has not done enough to take care of them.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both support in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants — a right that is NOT granted to legal immigrants or U.S. citizens who are not legal residents of a state.

Additionally, both Clinton and Sanders want to extend healthcare benefits to illegal immigrants.  Comrade Bernie Sanders even wants American citizen taxpayers to foot 100% of the bill for illegal aliens' health care coverage.

In an effort to prove to Clinton and Sanders that he is just as committed as they are to caring for those who are in this country illegally, President Obama and his administration have just announced $6.3 trillion in benefits for “undocumented citizens.”  To read what the proposed program — that you'll be paying for — includes, continue on the next page:


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