Obama: “We have accomplished as much, if not more, than any time in our history”

Who lives in Obama’s fantasy land? Well, of course, Obama zombies. While addressing the crowd of zombies, President Obama noted that he saved an economy from a Great Depression, revitalized an auto industry, doubled exports, reduced the pace of carbon emissions, ended the war in Iraq, about to end war in Afghanistan, and vindicated the notion that everyone should have a fair shot.

Regardless of these pre-organized accomplishments, Obama’s true accomplishments include: destroying our Constitution, creating more debt than all other presidents combined, getting away with the most high crimes and scandals, destroying the military, creating the lowest U.S. status among world nations, bolstering Wall Street above main street, and many more callous moves on his part.

As Obama spoke to the democratic crowd in Beverly hills, gloating over his success, cnsnews noted the delusive points President Obama was making.

Obama also touted his foreign policy achievements, saying there was a lot of bluster about Iran when he came into office — but what was needed was a plan.

He gave himself credit for imposing tough sanctions on Iran: And as a consequence of the strength of those sanctions and the painstaking diplomacy that we engaged in, Iran ultimately came to the table and said, we are prepared in a serious way to negotiate around our nuclear program — for the first time in over a decade.

He said the negotiations led to the first halt in the Iranian nuclear program in a decade, and he called it the right thing to do for the U.S. It’s good for Israel, he added, although Israel certainly doesn’t see it that way.

Obama said he will do all in his power to try to resolve these issue without resorting to military conflict.





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