NYT Pulls a CNN and Publishes “Pre-Retractable” Info About Trump Jr. Emails

NYT Pulls a CNN and Publishes “Pre-Retractable” Info About Trump Jr. Emails

Nancy Pelosi sits on the House Intelligence Committee, believe it or not.  So, too, does a man who truly believes that people breaking federal immigration laws should be given automatic citizenship.  Joaquin Castro is also a very outspoken opponent of the President.  As for the Senate Intelligence Committee, Kamala Harris, John McCain and Chuck Schumer all sit on that body.  What do all of these people have in common?  Well, for one, they all strongly dislike President Trump, despise his supporters, and think little or nothing of his administration staff and Cabinet.  People like these (as well as many others in both the House and the Senate committees) would like nothing better than to impeach Trump and shame him into stepping down.  They have been working in conjunction with anti-American Leftists and NeverTrumper faux-Conservative RINOs for nearly the past two years in an effort to delegitimize the Trump presidency (both before and after his election victory) knowing deep down in their gut that he was the probable winner, seeing as Hillary was such political poison and all.

The New York Times as well has been a willing septic tank for all the crap that was flushed down a Congressional toilet so full of leaks that the feces has literally contaminated the shoes of those nefarious elected officials earning a hell of a lot more than the common Americans they despise, all in an effort to ruin the President’s reputation.

All of the sources of which the NYT is happy to quote and use as the basis of their “shocking exclusives” have one thing in common as well.  They are all unnamed, faceless, anonymous sources that are either “very close” to the investigatory committee, or are directly involved in the decision-making process.  It all comes down to a 100% constant focus on the destruction of the president and his policies by a very badly managed newspaper too antiquated and too 20th Century to keep up with the changing landscape of the “new media.”  The New York Times decision-makers at the top end are old and tired and perform their menial tasks of the thumbs-up or thumbs-down on any story like some bored 70 AD version of a Roman emperor.  There is no passion for the news except that it pertains to destroying the trust in the President of the United States.  Their complete focus on an Anglophobic angle for each and every anti-American story is a testament to the feeble rainbow-colored lens through which everything is viewed.

This is the modern-day New York Times and its ability to disengage from its alt-Left views long enough to speak the truth.  Read on about how this manic Trumpitis has caused the NYT to compromise its investigative journalistic integrity in order to publish half-truths on emails it swears are true; emails that it has not even read.

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