NYT: Germany Should Mass Deport Migrants

NYT: Germany Should Mass Deport Migrants

Elite politicians often have no idea of the effect their decisions have on the common people in a country, because they live in a pampered bubble of excess and exclusion, while the commoners are subject the the dirty reality of the pols edicts. In some cases, the process is benign or relatively harmless, but in others, the consequences are more dire. This is especially true when the fundamental makeup of a city or even a country changes, as it is doing through the mass immigration of Muslim refugees from North Africa and the Middle East into Western Europe. Immigration into Germany last year topped one million, and just last week, Angela Merkel rejected a proposal to limit the number in 2016 to 200,000.

Two hundred thousand immigrants is a huge number and seems quite generous, but going beyond that may just be national suicide. On New Year’s Eve, North African and Middle Eastern men surrounded, groped, robbed and raped women out for New Years festivities in various German cities, and the authorities initially played down the violence since it would prove “inconvenient” to the dialogue that the Muslim men are peacefully assimilating into the society. The fiction that hordes of Muslim men raised in a backward and misogynistic culture will quickly adapt to Western values is quickly unraveling and must be addressed to avoid the Islamification of the West.

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