NYT Forced to Retract Claims 17 Intelligence Agencies Confirm Russia Election Interference

The New York Times used to be highly regarded as a news organization of undisputed honesty and quality. But, it's been many many years since those words have been able to be uttered in sincerity. The New York Times was bought out by the political establishment and today nothing more than another propaganda mouthpiece for the liberal agenda.

The claim “seventeen intelligence agencies confirms Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections” has been thrown around like candy at a parade over the last few months in the MSM. Politicians, pundits, analysts, and news organizations have all treated this unsubstantiated claim as though it were a fact.

Where did the media get the idea that 17 intelligence agencies were suspicious of Russia? Hillary Clinton on the 2016 campaign trail. Where did Hillary get this idea? By reading Russian conspiracy theories or reaching up her butthole (most likely one of Huma’s jobs though) far enough to find something as absurd as this claim now being touted as facts by MSM.

Wikileaks pointed out immediately that Clinton had no grounds for making such a shocking accusation against her opposition.

This claim is absurd as it actually true the investigation would have to involve members from each one of these 17 agencies! However, logical impossibility doesn’t deter MSM from reporting unsubstantiated claims.

The New York Times is suffering the same fate as CNN and forced to retract stories over journalist carelessly selling false narratives for a few extra clicks and dollars.


Almost all of MSM continues to tell lie after lie in regards to the whole alleged Russian conspiracy started by Hillary when polls started to indicate she'd lose the election. I wish President Trump was wrong when he talked about fake news taking over the country and that big news outlets were just businesses run by the global elite. That reality is terrifying. It's a lot easier to revert back to the days of McCarthyism and blame the Russians. Democrats and liberals on a whole have a false intellectual superiority complex that blinds them to both truth and reality. And the reality is that President Trump speaks the truth when he states MSM is fake news and that no evidence exists proving he colluded with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.


Source: Zero Hedge




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