NYPD Declares Themselves A ‘Wartime’ Police Department, States They Will ‘Act Accordingly’

According to Ed Mullins, President of Sergeants Benevolent Association, ten Black Guerrilla Family members are “preparing to shoot on duty police officers.”

With the sharp increase in police brutality we've seen across the country combined with the race baiting from the likes of as Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, our own President and others, we are likely to see this race war/anti-cop movement “spread across the nation,” as Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio predicts.

More on the NYPD memo:

At first the internal memo seems like instructions for basic safety.

First it requires that officers begin traveling in packs of two:

“At least two units are to respond to EVERY call, no matter the condition or severity…”

It then requires that officers hereafter refrain from arresting any Americans unless it is absolutely necessary.

This second step might be taken for a number of reasons.

One reason might be because citizens are able to make fake 911 calls in order to get police to show up at a designated location, only to ambush the police once they arrive.

By restricting arrests only to those that are absolutely necessary, police might avoid such traps.

At the same time, it could mean that less Americans will be harassed, extorted, coerced, or thrown in a cage for victimless “crimes” (for example, for carrying marijuana). It could also mean that less Americans will be “stopped and frisked” and racially profiled.

This part of the memo — calling for no more unnecessary enforcement — is sure to be cheerfully welcomed by Americans. After all, it was Eric Garner who said “Please, just leave me alone.”

That’s all most Americans are asking for: to live in peace without government employees initiating violence upon them.

But it’s the last portion of the memo that has people concerned.

The reason is that it declares that the NYPD is now a “Wartime” department, and that “we will act accordingly.”

Source: filmingcops.com
Photo: nydailynews.com



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