NYPD Brutally Arrest Man For Sleeping On The Subway

NYPD Brutally Arrest Man For Sleeping On The Subway

A man was apparently arrested for sleeping on the subway in a rather brutal altercation with the NYPD this month.

Sections 1050.7 (10) and (5) of the Mass Transit Authority’s (MTA) Rules of Conduct state that sleeping on trains is prohibited only “if it is hazardous or interfering with fellow passengers.” One is forbidden to lie down or take up more than one seat, and it is unclear from the video if he was sleeping in an upright position.

Click the link below for more info + video:

NYPD´s Brutal Arrest Of Man Sleeping On The Subway

Still, there is no need to actually arrest someone, taking matters to such extremes, for such a minor offense, even if the man was ‘lying down’.

Our police state is increasing day by day and law enforcement is becoming more brutal,  unreasonable and without skill to handle matters through fostering good will. It takes thugs to enforce a police state and continually demand complete submission to authority.

man arrested sleeping on subway



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