NYDN Stasi: The Victims of San Bernardino Shooting Had It Coming

NYDN Stasi: The Victims of San Bernardino Shooting Had It Coming

The political Left in this country is apparently suicidal. They prefer Islam to Christianity, illegal aliens to citizens, and dead babies to live ones. All of which will lead inevitably to the decline and ultimate destruction of this country.

Which seems to be okay with the libs as long as we cut the U.S. down to size and put it under the thumb of the U.N. and make it a workers paradises where everyone is equally poor. Except for the wealthy elite, which lefties always assume is their rightful place.

The unhinged hatred of the Left was on display again this weekend with a screed by Linda Stasi (perfect last name for her) who posted an article in Hot Air. She outlined her feelings about the tragic murders committed last week in San Bernardino California by a merciless, bloodthirsty Islamic terrorist husband and wife team who killed 14 of the husbands coworkers.

Did Stasi focus on the barbarous deed of the killers, or perhaps on the religion that spawns dozens of death wielding attack groups in spite of calling itself the religion of peace? No, Stasi chose to choose one of the victims to viciously blame and denigrate, going so far as to suggest that he was not a victim and had invited his own demise.

It is so over-the-top that one would imagine other Libs trying to shush Stasi, telling her it is bad form to reveal the true feelings of the Left, even if true to their real ideology. That was not the case.

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