NY Times: Trump Represents ‘White Nationalists’ Who are ‘Sensing Decline’

NY Times: Trump Represents ‘White Nationalists’ Who are ‘Sensing Decline’

Modern society has taken the concept of racism to new extremes, not only adding fuel to a divisive fire but encouraging the metaphorical arson. Thanks to social media and the Internet as a whole, people whose opinions used to go unheard, and probably should go unheard are now able to fill the world with bile and lies based strictly on their own opinions, creating a society that’s not just hostile towards white people, but actually seeks to oppress them.

And then comes Donald Trump.

If one were to look forward ten years ago at our presidential campaign, they probably would have laughed and assumed that it wasn’t real, but instead some sort of scripted reality television show. Even the most devout conservatives would have cringed at the thought of Donald Trump in office. Now, however, he might be the only hope that conservatives have left.

The only hope that America has left.

And according to the liberal narrative, whoever votes for him is a racist.

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