NY Dems Appoint Morbidly Obese Feminist too Sick to Work to 6-figure 10-Year Judaical Gig

Judicial Spotlight: Elizabeth Shollenberger

Against All Odds

The true case study of how one feminist liberal woman became the darling of the Democratic Party and an inspiration for morbidly obese, explosive diarrhea prone, lazy, entitled woman everywhere.

“She was warned… Nonetheless, she persisted”
– Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to feminist icon “Pocahontas”

This quote applies every bit as much to Elizabeth Shollenberger as to the lying, pandering Elizabeth Warren, better known as Pocahontas.

Who said women didn’t like being told what to do? A liberal woman will do and say anything as long as no one requires that she actually work. And let us not forget sexism is the good ole excuse Pocahontas gives for her colleagues not trusting her and for failing to ever get anything of merit accomplished. Running your mouth and choking on your words are only deemed successes in select circumstances best left off the Senate and courtroom floor. You see a federal judicial appointment is an accomplishment few obtain.

That is why it’s so important to investigate how Shollenberger managed to get her job.

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