Nunes: GOP has Subpoenas Ready for FBI, DOJ if They Win House

It appears some Republicans are serious about reforming the FISA court procedures. They know the normal lip service paid to reform may not be enough to satisfy a public who has seen behind the curtain and lost faith in our officials at the FBI and The Department of Justice.

Representative Devin Nunes’ elaborated on his dissatisfaction with the current FISA warrant process:

Nunes indicated looking into Russia would be a Day One prerogative for the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee.

“You can be sure of this, if we take the House in November, we have subpoenas ready to go that will continue going after these dirty cops,” Nunes said.

He added that it was difficult for people to “trust the FBI and DOJ” after the Russia probe during and after the 2016 election and the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation that followed.

Nunes’ reference to “dirty cops” is some of the strongest language to have been used when it comes to describing the FISA warrant process.

The American people are hungry to see someone held responsible for these last four years of hoaxes and witch-hunts.

Source: Western Journal


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