The NSA is Turning Kids Into Spies

With 29 universities across the country hosting these camps, there will definitely be no shortage of future spies. There are 43 summer camps for these would-be spies. According to Smithsonian Mag:

Recruiting young, computer-savvy cyber operatives is nothing new for the NSA. The agency includes 13 academic institutions as part of its Centers of Academic Excellence for Cyber Operations program, in which students can hone their hacking skills with interdisciplinary studies in computer science and computer/electrical engineering.

Though the programs are ostensibly aimed at broadening “the pool of skilled workers capable of supporting a cyber-secure nation,” they’re a critical lifeline for NSA itself. Partnership for Public Service reports that summer camps and college programs alike are seen as “an important talent pipeline for NSA and the intelligence community”— an indicator that despite their emphasis on white hat hacking tactics and computer security, they’re also honing the next generation of top-secret cyberspies.

Would you sign your child up for a spy camp?

Source: Smithsonian Mag



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