NRA to Sue Seattle

These new regulations include a tax on all firearms and ammunition, as well as a requirement that owners report any lost or stolen firearms. Okay, so maybe the second is something that gun owners should be doing anyway, and most do.

The National Rifle Association, along with the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Second Amendment Foundation, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Seattle for violating a Washington state law that prevents local municipalities from creating their own firearm regulations. The suit was filed in King County Superior Court this morning.

On August 10, the Seattle City Council approved measures that tax the sales of all firearms and ammunition and require gun owners to report any lost or stolen firearms. The tax is scheduled to take effect in January 2016.

In 2009, the Seattle City Council passed regulations that prohibited the carrying of firearms in city parks. Ultimately reaching the state Supreme Court, the prohibition was ultimately struck down in 2012.

The only other local municipality in the nation with an individual tax on gun sales is Chicago.

While anti-gun activists have certainly kept┬ábusy in the past few years, what they fail to realize is that pushing these bills is a huge waste of the tax-payers money, especially when the powers in opposition are backed by the NRA. This new tax is scheduled to go into effect in January, but if earlier attempts to create gun regulations in Washington are any indication, chances are this is a tax that gun owners won’t have to fear.

For more information go to: NRAILA

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