NPR Shifts Comments Sections to Control Public Discourse

NPR Shifts Comments Sections to Control Public Discourse

One of the many characteristics of the Internet that has made it so attractive is the opportunity to interact with others. This can happen in a variety of ways, but let's focus on news stories.

Readers are allowed, and even encouraged, to share their opinions with others by leaving comments after articles.  Obviously, these comments can vary from the insightful to the prosaic, from the reasonable to the extreme.

If you wish to offer your readers the opportunity for a free flow of thoughts, this is a good thing. If you are trying to push an agenda, you run the risk of the discussion in your comments section turning against that very agenda.

National Public Radio's recent decision illustrates just where that organization stands on the promotion of freedom of speech. Keep in mind that NPR draws much of its funding from the very taxpayers it has chosen to muzzle.

Our friends at Breitbart give us the specifics.

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