NPR Floats ‘Carbon Tax on Kids’ to Combat Climate Change

America's left has found a new way to raise our taxes, and it might just be the most bizarre yet.

Should We Be Having Kids In The Age of Climate Change?”

That was the audacious question NPR’s website and All Things Considered radio show asked on Aug. 18, as it promoted a college professor’s “radical” proposal that people need to have fewer children because of the “prospect of climate catastrophe.”

The academic proposed a “carbon tax” on children, to decentivize procreation, in wealthy nations.

NPR correspondent Jennifer Ludden reported that Professor Travis Rieder presented “moral” arguments to James Madison University students, claiming the best way to protect future generations from the threat of climate change is “by not having them.”

Leave it to a liberal professor to suggest that taxing reproduction will help stop global warming. In an era in which the left is torn between raising taxes on the middle class and regulating the environment, this proposal shockingly manages to do both.

Source: News Busters



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