NOW: We Demand the Androgynous Scouts of America

NOW: We Demand the Androgynous Scouts of America

It didn’t take much to finally take down a 100+ year old organization known as the Boy Scouts, but here we are in the day and age of lawsuits, shaming, threats of boycotts, gender identity, and attacking anything Christian in nature that sought to expose young boys and girls to the wonder and awe of God’s creation.

It took the National Organization for Women (NOW), a far-Left group of headhunters that only accepts a Eugenics-minded point of view when it comes to birth rates and population (think Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and mass infanticide), to bring a righteous and popular organization for the character-building of young people to its knees through bullying, threats of lawsuits and other popular Regressive techniques.

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