North Korea: We Have 3.5mn volunteers ‘Ready to Retaliate Against US’

North Korea: We Have 3.5mn volunteers ‘Ready to Retaliate Against US’

So, what are the chances that any launch of any kind from North Korea could or would reach its intended target?  From what I know of military weapons systems, even those that were used as long ago as 1989 (during Operation Desert Storm) there is precious little that Pyongyang at this point in their abilities could throw at the United States that would be functionally effective.  Most every missile, if not every missile, would be matched against our defense systems, as well as our fighters and battleships off the coast of the peninsula.

After the very first missile was launched, Central Command would initiate a massive response that would, in effect, be aimed at, a) military installations and missile launch sites, b) military headquarters and leadership, c) power grid, d) infrastructure (including airports, airstrips, bridges, highways, water delivery systems, e) communications, and f) dictator's palace.

Following the initiation of that quick response in airstrikes, battleships off the coast of the Korean Peninsula would begin pounding the corps, division, battalion and brigade level troop clusters, disabling the possibility of an armed conflict between North and South Korea.

In the meantime, South Korea would be focusing on the massive refugee flood that will necessarily take place across their borders while Japan and Australia will be focusing on the mobile fleet and submarine force that will be roving in both the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, in preparation for all of this, North Korea is pumping out the 1940s styled propaganda replete with Communist Worker posters and banners, both antiquated and nostalgic.  Turn the page to read about what one retired Russian general thinks will be the outcome of a conflict between the United States and North Korea.

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