North Korea: War is ‘Imminent’

North Korea: War is ‘Imminent’

It's obvious that unless there some dramatic change, as long as Kim Jong-un is in power, North Korea will continue with its provocative and bellicose threats as well as its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. There is simply no evidence to support the notion that North Korea under Kim is going to just settle down and become a peaceful, responsible member of the community of nations.

Perhaps it's paranoia, a lust for power, hatred of the West, or some combination, but North Korea gives every evidence of being determined to provoke a confrontation with the U.S. Not only that, but South Korea and Japan are in its cross-hairs as well. Naturally, any talk of peaceful reunification with the South is a waste of time under these circumstances.

All of that said, Kim Jong-un's missile program is something of a joke, given that the missiles he tests are just as likely to blow up on launching as they are to make it to their destination. Nevertheless, it would be unwise to believe that North Korea won't eventually get this missile thing right. And the fact that the North just launched another in the face of U.S. threats shows just how serious Kim is.

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