North Korea Threatens War after John McCain Calls Kim Jong-un a ‘Crazy Fat Kid’



When he is not inspecting his new inoperable missiles, Kim Jong-un can usually be found touring his food factories.

John McCain wants the United States to take action against North Korea before it's too late. With his latest remarks against the Kim Jong-un, he may have started the war already.

He said: “China is the only one that can control Kim Jong-un, this crazy fat kid that’s running North Korea. They could stop North Korea’s economy in a week.

“They haven’t, because the Chinese have to understand there’s a penalty… imposed by us if they don’t reign in an individual that can literally start a world war, and more importantly, perhaps in the short term, strike the United States of America.”

McCain has been outspoken about dealing with North Korea in the past but the regime thinks he has gone too far this time.

But North Korea hit back in a statement released by government-controlled news agency KCNA saying: “What they uttered to dare hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK is just a manifestation of their worst hostility toward the DPRK's ideology and social system and its people and a grave provocation little short of declaration of war against it.

In any other diplomatic setting, McCain's name-calling would be considered childish — but no one can out-child Kim. He's so thin-skinned and juvenile that he's apparently willing to go to war because someone called him out on his ballooning weight. Of course, this is just another threat issued by Kim, who spits them out on a regualar basis.

The Sun also reported that North Korean scientists have announced a cure for obesity. According to the paper, Kim's plump physique sheds considerable doubt on the achievement.


Source: The Sun



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