North Korea Threatens U.S. with a “Super-mighty Preemptive Strike”

North Korea Threatens U.S. with a “Super-mighty Preemptive Strike”

North Korean state media threatened the U.S. with a “Super-mighty preemptive strike” following Rex Tillerson strongly stating the U.S. would consider harsher measures against North Korea if they continued with their nuclear program. 

President Trump is not soft when it comes to protecting American citizens from deadly foreign attacks. North Korea is no longer dealing with the limp Obama administration.

Democrats are retaliating against Trump’s strong stance on national security in a very predictable manner through fear mongering and the infiltration of liberal new organizations with the real “fake news”. Liberals are suggesting that Trump is pushing North Korea’s to attack the U.S. in attempts to start WW3. Whereas patriots, unsurprisingly, are not afraid of taking strong stands against international bullies or a 3rd world dictatorships threatening to obliviate the greatest nation and military on earth.

What proof is there that North Korea has enough advanced weaponry to defeat the most powerful country in the world? Well, the Pentagon is currently taking measures to protect Americans against one very real threat: an EMP attack. Perhaps that is what Kim Jong-un was refering to.

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