North Korea Threatens To Nuke U.S.

More blither from the North Korean Atomic bomb spokesman:

‘In the meantime, the US anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK that forced it to have access to the nuclear weapons has remained utterly unchanged and instead it has become all the more undisguised and vicious with the adoption of means openly seeking the downfall of the latter’s social system.’

Source: UK Daily Mail

The silly declaration comes comes a day after Pyongyang said it is really, truly, absolutely, golly-gee-willikers-ready to launch satellites aboard long-range rockets to mark a key national anniversary next month.

Please hold the laughter…
But wait…there’s more!

North Korea’s National Aerospace Development Administration director said they have been making ‘shining achievements; in the space development field ahead of the 70th birthday of the Workers’ Party. Scientists and technicians are pushing forward on a final development phase for a new earth observation satellite for weather forecasts.
‘Space development for peaceful purposes is a sovereign state’s legitimate right … and the people of (North Korea) are fully determined to exercise this right no matter what others may say about it,’ the director told Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency. The world will ‘clearly see a series of satellites soaring into the sky at times and locations determined’ by the Workers’ Party.
The launches, if ever made, are certain to trigger international saber rattling, with South Korea, Washington and other neighboring countries condemning past launches as thinly disguised tests of the North’s long-range missile technology and Pyongyang making a furious response to the criticism.
Some day they will simply blow themselves up…we can only hope.





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