North Korea Makes Demands of Donald Trump

Not only has North Korea consistently made threats against the United States, they've been showing their teeth by testing nuclear weapons and aiming them at the United States. And what about South Korea, who are forced to always be on their guard because like his father, Kim Jong-un is crazy.

In the memo, the North argued that in the five years since the death of its late leader Kim Jong-il, the country has engaged in an all-out confrontation with the US to cope with Washington’s ever-growing hostile intent and nuclear threats.

“The anachronistic hostile policy and nuclear threat that the US has enforced with unprecedented recklessness against the DPRK (North Korea) have only provoked its just and righteous countermeasures for self-defense”, the memorandum read.

This year the communist  country’s military has carried out two hugely controversial nuclear weapons tests and made constant ‘war’ threats to its neighbour South Korea and the West.

The state-run media outlet claimed that the US had attempted to scare North Korea with threats of pre-emptive nuclear attacks and constant and large-scale military manoeuvres.

They also claimed that United States has made threats against North Korea. When? The Obama Administration has been so cowardly in their foreign policy that the American people would have noticed any threats being made. North Korea has been like a tiny dog biting the ankles of anybody and everybody.





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