North Carolina Police Asks Citizens to Sign Pledge To Turn in Their Guns For ‘Nonviolence’ Event

We’ve seen non-violence movements in the United States before and the recent efforts of the Greensboro Police Department at their non-violence event is no different but the question is will average citizens handing in their guns actually make a difference with violence in the community?

“Violence is on the rise somewhat in our community,” Deputy Police Chief James Hinson told WXII-TV. “A lot of that violence is centered on handguns and aggravated assaults. And the ultimate goal is to reduce violence in our community so that our citizens can feel safe when they go out and just continue to improve the overall image of our city.”

Will the average citizen actually “feel” safer without a weapon especially if they are attacked in their home by an intruder?

Residents who were unable to attend the non-violence event can still hand over their guns to the local police department, even anonymously.

One can only hope that citizens of Greensboro know what they are doing especially considering the increase in violence in countries around the world, like England, where citizens are not allowed to own guns while violence there is increasing each year.

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