North Carolina Court Changes Voting Law in Time to Influence Election

North Carolina Court Changes Voting Law in Time to Influence Election

Democrat judges have once again interjected partisan politics into the voting process. The recent tendency to broaden the number of days when people can vote to ridiculous spans, to allow same-day registration, and to permit out-of-precinct voting are all excellent techniques to encourage voter fraud. The biggest Democratic scheme, however, is to insist that no one should have to show a photo ID to vote. That may have been appropriate when precinct captains knew the people living in their precinct and when the nation was not overwhelmed with non-citizens, but it is sheer madness today.

The Democrat party, however, is determined to steal elections where they cannot win the hearts and minds of the people. A federal appeals court of three Democrat judges has declared that the North Caroline voter identification law is discriminatory against primarily black individuals by requiring photo ID.

So the party of slavery and the Ku Klux Klan is trying to make it up to African Americans by making sure these individuals can vote whether they are qualified to vote or not.  And they do vote for Democrats at a rate of about 90%, so it is clear what the objective of the judges is.

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