Next GOP Moderator Already Taking Shots At Donald Trump


“No, no he doesn’t,” Hewitt responded.

Hewitt appeared on Morning Joe on MSNBC on Monday morning and took more shots at Trump, doubling down on his statement that The Don doesn’t have the “temperament” to be president of the United States.

So the man can create enormous wealth and be highly successful, but doesn't have sufficient temperment?

Host Joe Scarborough later in the segment—before Hewitt doubled down on his anti-Trump comments—noted that “Hugh Hewitt, by the way, has not been positive about Donald Trump.”

“There are a couple things about temperament,” Hewitt said on Scarborough’s show.

I was asked by Chuck Todd on Meet The Press yesterday whether Donald has the temperament to be president. I said no. What I should have said was he doesn’t have the ordinary temperament. Sometimes you have got to be angry. You remember Ronald Reagan in the Nashua Telegraph debate saying ‘I paid for this microphone, Mr. Green.’ But you can’t stay that way. Sometimes you have got to be quiet. Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis, Reagan leaving Reykjavík—you remember that Joe—but other times you have got to be angry. I just think that Donald Trump needs to modulate it a little bit more so that he stays away from personality conflict and tries to bring it back perhaps with the humor. He was on my show last week on Monday. He was very funny. We talked about the nuclear triad. We talked about the wall and immigration, but the fact of the matter is Megyn Kelly is not a winner for him. That is not a good place for him to be right now.

These are hardly the only times where Hewitt has shown himself to be opposed to the candidacy of Donald Trump for president. While he was appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program in late July, Hannity opened a segment with Hewitt by asking: “Hugh, as I know, you’ve been a bit of a critic of Donald Trump.”

“Yeah,” Hewitt agreed.

“I would think knowing you as much as I know you that you understand where this is coming from—that he is speaking his mind, he is politically incorrect, he’s bringing attention to issues in a way that Republicans have been far too weak and timid to deal with,” Hannity said to Hewitt. “I’m sure you get that aspect of it, right?”

“I do, and I was very critical of the comments about Sen. McCain but I will say this and I think it’s true about every one in the race on both sides of the aisle and of all the presidential candidates for the past many years, Donald Trump is the only one about whom it is likely a broadway musical will be made,” Hewitt replied, mocking Trump’s candidacy. “That is what he is. I have never said that before but it occurred to me on vacation—I’ve been on vacation for a couple of weeks. He’s vastly entertaining.”

A moment later, Hewitt predicted that Trump’s overwhelming support among Republicans “won’t last.”

“It won’t last, I don’t think it will last, I’m skeptical of it lasting,” Hewitt said.

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