Newt Gingrich: Trump Deceived on Healthcare Bill, Speaker Ryan at a ‘Turning Point’

As President, Donald Trump will naturally take a hit from the failure of the Republican Congress to put together and pass a replacement for Obamacare. That said, if what was concocted under the leadership of Speaker Ryan was poor legislation, then the better it fail than that the Republicans join the Democrats in passing a lousy healthcare program.

Former Speaker Gingrich was recently interviewed on Fox News. He rightly pointed out that this event might well be a turning point for the speaker. It's also a turning point for the healthcare legislation debate.

As Gingrich said, the healthcare industry is almost 20% of our economy. And this is not a tangential issue, but rather one that directly impacts every Americans' quality of life. Hence, what is done with legislation impacting healthcare is huge.

It seemed at the beginning of this process that to think that in two months Congress could figure out how to disentangle almost one-fifth of the economy from the mess called Obamacare and craft a suitable replacement was ridiculous. Recent events just demonstrated that to be true.

So what's next? One big question will be who will lead the effort to craft the bill that finally is passed to replace Obamacare. Odds are, it will likely not be Paul Ryan.

Source: Fox News



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