Newly Released Raw Footage of SpaceX Rocket Explosion Generate 2 Conspiracy Theories

The loss of these two rockets and their payloads are indeed curious, and in the wake of these losses, several theories have been generated as to their cause. The two prevailing theories revolve around an alien strike and government interference. If you’ve seen the videos, neither of the two seem farfetched, which is strange . . .

SpaceX Rocket Explosion Conspiracy Theory No. 1: An alien strike.

Alien hunters, Martian researchers, and non-believers alike flocked to YouTube to state their opinions of what this flying mysterious object might be.

Several say it was a UFO based on how fast it was moving.

One YouTuber pointed out that an object moving at such a speed would have created a sonic boom that could have caused the blast.

Another commenter expressed feeling “freaked out” because “birds can’t fly 1,000 mph.”

SpaceX Rocket Explosion Conspiracy Theory No. 2: It was a U.S. government drone.

YouTuber Steve Svensson, who also posted a video of the explosion, wrote: “It appears that SpaceX may have been shot by a very fast moving drone, or possibly an explosive in the satellite was triggered?”

You’ll have to check out the video yourself to come to any concrete conclusions. While alien interference seems unlikely, the idea that the government would be tampering with commercial space flight makes plenty of sense. If you think about it, they do currently hold a monopoly on space travel, and they are obsessed with power. If you put two and two together, you might find that it does smell a lot like sabotage. Whether an investigation is being launched into these occurrences is anybody’s guess, but we’ll all be waiting anxiously to see the results.




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