Newly Released FBI Sandy Hook Files Reveals Very Problematic Findings

Conspiracies involving mass shootings are often misunderstood. When one says that it was an inside job, it doesn’t always necessarily mean a patsy was involved. Just like with radical Islamic terrorists – all it takes is a few members of the FBI or other government agency ignoring the threat. Viola! Another act of terror was allowed to unfold, tensions grow higher, and the politicians’ ponce on the latest tragedy to further their agendas.

What happened at Sandy Hook may have been another case of deliberate government negligence. Now, this is a very sensitive topic. Children lost their lives. However, wouldn’t the greater travesty be ignoring these disturbing revelations pointing to a far more nefarious motive?

Recently declassified information surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting is horrifying. Why did government officials overlook the obvious? Why did they refuse to intervene?

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Did you know the government knew about the planned attack 4 years in advance and the “official” reason they give for refusing to intervene?

The explanation given is bewildering!

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