Newly Declassified Docs Reveal Comey’s FBI Illegally Shared Spy Data on American Citizens

Newly Declassified Docs Reveal Comey’s FBI Illegally Shared Spy Data on American Citizens

New information continues to surface about the state of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) under former Director James Comey that is contrary to everything that that has come before and it is getting to the point where we must just take a wait and see attitude as to the culpability of the FBI in nearly everything averse that has occurred thus far.  The one thing that is clear is that Comey may find himself in very deep trouble if he persists in his obtrusive brand of telling Congressional inquiries one thing, but then having cronies in the bureau leaking completely different classified information for the purposes of remaining pure as the driven snow.

The Congress members, as well, who have for years put their trust in a man who has been persistent in making bad judgment calls and rash decisions on behalf of upper level administrators and committee members appear at the point of abandoning their favorite go-to guy because of the heat that is being turned up a bit too close to Comey's heels.  If there comes a moment when it appears as if Senator Grassley or others involved in the investigative process end up appearing to be on the verge of scoring a victory in exposing this man for what he truly is, you're going to see a pile-on of epic proportions by effete senators and representatives like never before.  Then following suit will be the necessary preparations for wrong-doing on Comey's part where he lawyers up to the point where it will be absolutely crystal clear that he had committed acts of wrong-doing under the auspices of bureau-authorized detective work.  We will see him fold as quickly as Lois Lerner at a table of Conservative professional poker players.

Newly declassified documents have revealed disturbing trends that have only been suspected and loosely defined by critics of the intel community and are leading some to believe that the tip of the iceberg has been exposed.  In question for nearly a decade (especially by Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, among others) has been whether or not the FBI has been handling sensitive personal information acquired through warrantless spy data-gathering techniques and organizations (like the NSA and its telephone and communications metadata) with the care and abuse-free environments to which Comey and other intel officers have attested.

Under this new trove of documents, the answer to that question is undeniably, “no.”  What is also undeniable is the level to which the FBI has gone under the former director to protect itself and its continuing ability to utilize these illegal resources with impunity.  How far did the FBI go in breaking the law and then attempt to obfuscate the truth by claiming “agent zeal” in solving cases?  The evidence is overwhelming in these new documents to suggest that our own intelligence-gathering organizations are even more corrupt over the past decade than at any other time in the past.

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